History of Myrtles Plantation

The history of the South will always provide us with tales of romance and mystery.

The saga of the Antebellum South and a lifestyle that will never be forgotten lives on at the grand mansion known as The Myrtles Plantation high on the hill in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

Whiskey Dave

The drama of The Myrtles Plantation began in 1796 when General David Bradford, also known as "Whiskey Dave" of the Whiskey Rebellion, fled the United States to avoid arrest and imprisonment. Bradford arrived at Bayou Sara, then a Spanish Colony, and obtained a land grant of 650 acres from the Baron de Corondelet to begin a new life. In 1820 The Myrtles was sold to his son-in-law, Judge Clarke Woodruff, who remodeled the mansion.

The Stirling Era

Fourteen years later the house was sold to Mr. Ruffin Stirling who completed the mansion in the grandeur that one can see today. The 125-foot long veranda is noted for its ornamental ironwork. The entrance foyer contains some of the finest examples of faux-bois and open pierced freizework in existence today. The French chandelier is Baccarat crystal and weighs more than 300 pounds. The stained glass entrance, original to the house, was hand-painted, etched and patterned after the French cross to ward off evil. The ladies and gentlemen’s parlors are mirrored reflections of one another. These two rooms are identical in size and exhibit magnificent open pierced freizework molding. The Carrara marble mantles grace the north and south walls of the parlors.

The dining and gaming rooms, important to plantation life, are downstairs. The former provided a place to hold festive dinners and to discuss events of the day; the latter offered a restful and intimate atmosphere for games of chance.

The Legend of Chloe

The National Geographic Explorer filming crew determined that the photograph definitely contained what appeared to be an apparition of what they believe to be a slave girl. The slave girl appeared in the breezeway between The General’s Store and the Butler’s Pantry of the mansion. The horizontal exterior boards of the mansion were clearly visible through the body of the apparition. National Geographic Explorer used the photograph in their documentary and suggested that a postcard should be made of the photograph.

Mr. Norman Benoit, a patent researchist, visited The Myrtles Plantation in May 1995 and requested permission to research the postcard. After enlarging the postcard and doing a shadow density procedure, Mr. Benoit discovered that all of the physical measurements of the apparition were of human dimensions and proportions. The circumference of the head, the length of the shoulder to the elbow and the length of the elbow to the wrist were all indicative of a human.

This postcard is referred to as the Chloe Postcard.

Other Strange Happenings

Time and Eternity
THIS world is not conclusion;
 A sequel stands beyond,
Invisible, as music,
 But positive, as sound.

-Emily Dickinson

Do you see the young girl dressed in antebellum clothing who appears to be peering out of the large window? She is standing in the window to the left of the white rocking chair. The young girl appears to be looking directly into the camera.

Her eyes, hair, and dress are clearly visible in the photograph but what remains unclear is who is this girl and how did she get there? She is referred to as "The Ghost Girl" of The Myrtles Plantation.

This digital image that was taken at The Myrtles Plantation and was sent to Dave Young of Paladin Paranormal for his opinion. Dave, a dear friend and ardent supporter of the Myrtles Plantation, knew we would appreciate seeing this photo and learning the explanation behind it. Dave was amazed at what presented itself in the photo and immediately sent it on to other professionals including the Society of Psychical Research in England, founded in 1882, is the oldest and most prestigious paranormal research group in the world.

The photo was taken of a teacher and some of her students on the courtyard of The Myrtles Plantation with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93A camera. Without going into the technical explanation that included megapixel capability, file size, GIF file compression system, shutter speed, aperture setting, ISO speed setting and focal length of the lens, let me confirm that nothing at all unusual was discovered or reported about the photograph or the manner in which it was developed.

The photograph continues to travel the world being thoroughly researched but still without explanation of the 'Ghost Girl'.

We continue to receive comments such as:

"I see no reason why this type of camera should in any way be responsible for this strange phenomenon."

"I wish to get as many experienced eyes on this one as possible which at first glance appears genuinely impressive (and somewhat spooky as well)."

"Not like the rather predictable orb and mists; intriguing."

"Much more interesting than the average paranormal photo we generally receive."

"Photographers have looked at it pixel by pixel, and they could not find any doctoring."

"I think you will agree with me when you see the photograph that it is truly amazing."

"Will put this in the DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN category, at least for now as I try to gain more information."

So for now, all that is clear, is that the research continues.

You're Invited

The Myrtles Plantation invites you to step into the past for a visit of antebellum splendor. Relax in a giant rocker on the wide veranda or stroll through our historic grounds laced with Live Oak trees, Crepe Myrtle trees, azaleas and other flora and fauna typical of antebellum plantations.

We hope the history has piqued your curiosity and that you will plan a visit with us to learn more of the history and receive and introduction into the mystery and intrigue that surrounds "One of America's Most Haunted Homes!"