Myrtles Plantation Special Offer

Celebrate like its 1796 Special!

The Myrtles Plantation is proud to announce the groundbreaking on our new restaurant, event space and 6 new overnight accommodations!

Experience "The Before and After" with our special offer




Stay with us before Restaurant 1796 opens and enjoy a special 20% discount on your accommodation using promo code 'abc123

We are delighted to confirm there is still a lot to see, do and enjoy! 

We apologize for any construction site chaos but we look forward to that soon becoming a new highlight of Myrtles Plantation. 

Pop the bubbles on your second stay at Myrtles Plantation with a complimentary bottle on arrival and a reservation at the newly opened Accommodation and Restaurant 1796! 

Your stay will include a personal meet and greet with the owner and a complimentary Daily Mystery Tour and Breakfast.

Experience The Myrtles